Aug 6, 2008

Do Your Thoughts Lift You Up Or Confine You?

I'm busy reading a great book by Ps Mark Batterson of NCC church. I am a fan of his blog... but his book... Oh boy its good! Its called In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day. If you can get it, I really do highly recommend it!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a thought from the book:

How you think about God will determine who you become. You aren't a by-product of 'nature' and 'nurture'. You are a byproduct of your God-picture. And that internal picture of God determines how you see everything else.                                                                                          Most of our problems are not circumstantial. Most of our problems are perceptual.

So what books are you reading right now? Comment and share with us.

Godspeed & Kaizan


bobsblognz said...

I just finished a book called Peppermint-filled Pinatas by Eric Bryant about breaking through tolerance and embracing love. It is about reaching out to the community, even those people who others would avoid.
Now I have started a book by Erwin McManus called Soul Cravings, about three things that all humans desire - intimacy, meaning and destiny.
It is pretty great so far

Anonymous said...

I'm reading The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. Might seem a bit of a strange thing to be reading when thinking of our God-picture but spiritual abuse does happen in different contexts and can create an unrealistic and unhealthy God picture in a person. This can really hold a person back from developing in their spiritual walk and in their relationship with God. Understanding spiritual abuse can help us to work with people who have had this experience and heal that internal picture. In terms of building a REAL God picture, especially when working with someone who has a picture of God that is not accurate, I like to turn to the names of God. There's over 300 of them and reflecting on those can help people to develop their God picture into a view and relationship with God as He is, not how we might have learned to see him through other influences.