Aug 13, 2008

My wife, Karen & I watched the movie “Pursuit of happiness”. Will Smith stared in it with his son Jayden. It’s a true story of a man who thru incredibly tough circumstances followed his dream! He ends up a very wealthy man & able to give millions away to serve those less fortunate than himself. There is a moving part in the movie where he is playing basket ball with his son. His son says, “Dad I’m going to be a fulltime basket ball player”. The father says, “Son, I wasn’t a good basket ball player, nor was my father, so probably you won’t be either”. The boy stops, looks at his dad & sadly takes the ball & puts it in a plastic bag. The Father suddenly catches himself! “Son don’t let anyone ever stop you dreaming & going after your dream…not even me”. Very powerful. Let’s keep dreaming & lets dare to live the dream!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Many great leaders, presidents, scientists, pastors and people in all areas have been told by those above them, "You'll never do it". The creator of Monopoly was told it would never succeed, the chairman of IBM said there was a world market for about 5 computers (1943), the Beatles were told they would never amount to much, almost every invention from the telephone to the microchip was questioned for usefulness, Harlan Ellison's English Professor told him he would never be a writer before his 40 year career as a highly successful writer, Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school twice, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, Mozart was criticised by the Emperor on his first Viennese opera ... to name just a few examples! Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something because if you follow your dream, you might just show the naysayers ... and show them that God, and what we can do through Him, cannot be limited.