Oct 31, 2008

Pictures As Promised... My Orange Wonderland!

Well I did promise pictures of our progress... and in true style, projects always take longer than expected... but the effort is always worth while.

In this first picture (August - the day I received my iPhone...mmmmm) you'll note the bland colour of my office (you can either choose to look at the wall or the reflection off my head).
This was what I got going with the flow...

But alas, we must be true to the vision / dreams / goals we have... even if it means facing everyone's criticism, doubting words, disbelief, ... or even if it requires buying some sunglasses to hand out to the people who pass by my orange wonderland!

I must admit the office has a life of its own now. I'm loving it.
At last weeks music practice someone looked up from downstairs. All the other office lights were off except mine and the person panicked, "There is a fire in the office upstairs!"

Ah, yes, reminds me of the book of Acts and the Upper Room. (You gotta have some fun!)

Well I must extend a big thank you to Amy and Beth who helped me paint the office.
All that is left to do is putting up some artwork.

Feel free to visit the Orange Wonderland anytime. Our doors are always open : )

Godspeed & Kaizan

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