Oct 7, 2008


A survey was done trying to figure out what are the keys of successful people, here are the results: 1. Luck. 2. Talent 3. Intelligence 4. Education & 5. Attitude. The interesting thing is that the first 4 added up to 15% of what made someone successful. Number 5, attitude came in at 85%. 85% is huge!!

I've discovered that the world we live in does not devote itself to make us happy! I am responsible for my attitude, & no one can do it for me! I’ve also found a few other things: Did you know that no-one is born with a certain attitude, it develops over time. I need to choose my attitude. I have also discovered my attitude attracts or is repelling certain people.

Most days I write in my journal "How is my attitude? What attitude I am choosing today for I’m responsible for my attitude". I do this simply to remind me, for I realise that no matter what happens or what situation I find myself in my attitude is my responsibility.

Here's a few more things about attitude: Attitudes are like magnets, they are pulling you in a direction...For positive or in the negative! Attitudes on the outside reflects the attitudes on the inside! What about this one...You can direct your thoughts to work for you or againest you! Don't make your thought life your worst enemy. Be careful where you go in your imagination, the Bible says, take EVERY thought captive!!! 2 Cor. 10:5.

It's a known fact that employers want to employ people with a positive attitude. Skill can be trained, but attitude if one won't take responsibility for a good one, it's never going to happen. It's a true statement - our attitude does determine our altitude! Phil. 2:5 owards... speaks about Jesus attitude...have a read it's powerful!

Well that's enough to think about - till next time! Nick.

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