Feb 12, 2010

Life Lessons

I’ve been walking a very interesting journey of late.
One year ago today my husband proposed to me and I said yes!
One year down the track we’re married – and would recommend it!
What we learnt in the first 24 hours of marriage to expect the unexpected – but that story will be shared another time.
The other morning I was driving my husband to work at 5am.  He works out at Hatapu at the moment and so it’s out in the country.  So I was driving 100km on the open road in the dark before the sun rose when all of a sudden a dog ran out onto the road out of nowhere.
I slammed on my breaks, smoke literally coming from my tyres, skid marks on the ground and grinding to a stop just in time just before I hit the dog standing there.
My heart was racing, I felt very blessed to be o.k and thanking God for his protection.

I must say I drove slowly home on the main roads.  So my thoughts pondered about the happenings and how I could relate it to life.
Here’s a few thoughts.

•    Sometimes we can be going so fast in life that it takes something out of the ordinary, something that scars us to finally slow down and stop.  

•    Sometimes we can be so preoccupied in our own lives and where we’re going that we don’t notice the people that stumble into our paths.  Sometimes we are going too fast so we mow right over them.

•    It’s important to remember that we are not invincible and that we need to take responsibility with the role or task that God has placed in our hands
Just a few thoughts.

So be inspired – God can speak to us throughout our every day situations if we just stop and listening.

Naomi van Jaarsveld 

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