Feb 4, 2010

It's Time To Celebrate!

Our household is celebrating Sheridyn’s 40th Birthday!... Yeehaa, blow the party whistles, cut the cake – it’s celebration time!

I love celebrations!... Do you?
Have you ever noticed that the Bible is full of celebrations, banquets and feasts!  Wow, what will Heaven be like?!

Celebrations can refresh, revive and invigorate us. 

If you read the book of Esther (an amazing, adventurous book – with a wise and gutsy woman!)... you’ll see that the Jews stopped and celebrated (Esther 8:17) because they were given the opportunity to defend their lives on what was to be a ‘Day of Destruction’. 
The ‘Day of Destruction’ was still coming – but the Jews chose to celebrate the positive, rather than moping around on the negative.
They were refreshed, revived and invigorated to go and win the battle before them.

I believe that Celebrations can also be a declaration of faith! 
Let’s celebrate the positive things in our lives - as well as ‘celebrate by faith’ what God is yet to do in and through our lives! 
Yes and Amen!

Jan Rodgers

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