Jul 24, 2008

Say Yes To Something Greater...

Many of you will now know about my serious relationship with PHILLIP who's 29!!! We've know each other for years and have spent A LOT of quality time together! For those who don't know - let me calm your nerves and your shock at my secrecy -

Let me introduce you to him....."Phillip" is my 29 inch Phillips Television! =)

I've been addicted to T.V ever since I can remember - I'd break the law and speed to home in time to see a programme, I'd leave things early OR not go out because of T.V I'd spend multiple hours watching it EVERYDAY! This would take up my time, energy and ability to focus. You see T.V itself is not bad, but in MY life it had begun to consume my world - becoming the driving force behind my decision making.

So three weeks ago i was spending time with God and He really challenged me to fast T.V, to stop watching it from then until inspire conference....which was over 7 weeks away!!! You don't understand this is HUGE for me. God told me that the call of God in my life will NOT be fulfilled while I am pinned to the T.V day in and day out.....He wanted me to live my life - instead of watching others live theirs.

I want God to be #1 in my life - not just in speech but also in the way i live - so it was one of the easiest decision I've had to make in a long time!!! By saying No to T.V I was saying Yes to God's purposes for my life, time with friends and family and the things that really matter.
So Hello my name is Naomi Moore and i'm a t.v addict, I have been clean now for 63 days!!! ROCK ON!

So often our lives get full, and we're "busy" but doing what?
So what are you saying yes to in your life? What's the most important thing in your world? Does your time, finances and engery reflect that?

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