Jun 16, 2008

Do You Carry the Vision?

Without realizing it... us churchies are truly so blessed a people... in countless ways really. But the one way that I want to focus on today is vision.

The majority of people today really are just floating along in life... could I even be so daring as to say dead from the neck up? So many are just going through life... they are just part of the grind, going round and round the empty hamster wheel.

"Is there anything worse than being blind? Yes, a man with sight and no vision."
Helen Keller.

But as churchies we come to church and are blessed to know that we have purpose and that our churches have vision. We are not just here to use up O2... we are here to Win people to Christ and to Develop them... to see Christ's Kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

We get to spend our lives investing in God's Kingdom... in the lives of others. We truly get to live the blessed life.
The troublis is though that we can become familiar with this great blessing... we can get used to the vision messages at church... we can grow cold and hardened to these messages.

Here are 7 Signs that you truly have the vision (I got this from a message I heard from Ps Michael Pitts):

  1. If you have the vision you can carry it in the absence of the visionary.
  2. If you have the vision you should be able to communicate it to others.
  3. If you have the vision you ought to be thinking about it even when you're not at church.
  4. If you have the vision then you find ways to further it.
  5. If you have the vision you rejoice at the accomplishment of it.
  6. If you have the vision you see the importance of it (the eternal consequences).
  7. If you have the vision you seek to establish it ( to make it permanent and perpetual).
So here is the challenge... do you have the vision of the Eastside community?
If not... what steps will you take to truly owning the vision?
If you do find yourself lacking... why not give one of the managment team a call, lets sit together and lets chat and dream together of what could... and must be.

Godspeed & Kaizan

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