May 29, 2008


This weekend in the 6pm we kick off a new series called 'NO!'.
When most people hear the word no we tend to focus on it's negative implications...
But the truth is that when we say NO! to one thing... it means that we are saying YES! to something else.

When I married Tarryn I gave her my YES! ... and so in effect I say NO! to every other woman.
My NO! to every other woman is a positive YES! to Tarryn.

My NO! to sex before marriage is a resounding YES! to having the very best that God has for me in my relationship with my partner.

Unfortunately, because many times we have a weak YES! we find ourselves having a weak NO!

So check out the 6pm's over the month of June... its sure to be a cracker!

Until next time...
Godspeed & Kaizan

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