Nov 16, 2009


I’ve been thinking a bit about LOVE lately.
Not the mushy stuff but more about the bottom line.
I was chatting with God on my walk this morning and was thinking about
the fact that the bottom line for God is LOVE.
He is LOVE
And he wants us to LOVE.

I was thinking about the command to LOVE the lord with all you heart,
mind, soul & strength. Do I do that? Do I really LOVE with my everything?
Or am I like many others that only LOVEs when it makes logical sense?
when the person deserves it, or earns it, gives it first.

God says if we only love those that love us then we are no better
than those people who haven’t got a relationship with God.
We need to be different. LOVING people that don’t deserve it, have let us down, treat us poorly,
spoken badly of us or judged us. This isn’t an easy thing to really live!
And then there’s addition on how we are feeling on good or bad days...or what we’ve been facing...
Will we let that effect the way we LOVE?

So I’m on a learn how to love in a way that God loves us – in a way that isn’t determined on others behaviour or how I feel but to continue to love people no matter what.
I think it’s gonna be a life journey – but I’d love to hear any insights into your own journey on love.
It’s one worth taking! It’s the one thing that God desires of us above all else.


by Naomi Moore

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