Sep 8, 2009

A Cinderella Story?

I’ve been thinking about Esther for a long time now...what is it about her life that captivates me so much I’m not it cause it’s like a Cinderella story?? The poor girl becomes a queen – every little girls dream right??

Well for me that was just by-products of her amazing influence! She saved a nation, and I don’t know about you but seeing a young lady be moved into the right place at the right time, and therefore to be able to be in position to step in and save a nation – is pretty amazing!!
God’s way of using situations in our lives to position us for plans...rather a mystery! But very exciting!

So in reading this Old Testament book I have been intrigued by the word “entrusted” - when Esther was sent to the Palace she was “entrusted” to Hagai the Kings eunich. I’ve been pondering this word “entrusted” and come to a few thoughts.
1. Esther was entrusted to Hagai – this means he had to look after her, protect her, help her develop and be all she can be.
2. Though you are entrusted to someone, for this to be effective relationship – you must trust the person you have been entrusted to, believing that that person has the best in mind for you.
3. Through Esther trusting Hagai who she had been entrusted to, she was able to hear his wisdom and inside knowledge and therefore able to follow his wisdom, which led her to become Queen.

So my question to you would be: Who are you entrusting your life with? God should be your number one person that you entrust your life with – because he wants the best for you and will help give you the secrets of inside word on how to live life well and be in the right place at the right time, so that you too one day can walk into the purposes that God has prepared for you!

Don’t be like the King who entrusted his kingdom for a time to a man that wanted to destroy his queens nation. Read Esther to see more!

God Bless

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