Aug 11, 2009

Enlarge Your View

I’ve been thinking lately about the phrase “magnify the lord”.
Now for some this would seem very straight forward, however as I was pondering I had this image of a person holding a magnifying glass. That takes me back to primary school looking for insects in the school gardens for our biology projects...

Anyway.....the thought being that God has given us free will, the right to choose what we want to focus on, he doesn’t demand or force us – he just welcomes us and gives us clues in his direction.

Therefore in life with our magnifying glass we have a choice....What will we look through our magnifying glass at?
Ourselves, our problems, our financies, our imperfections...there’s so many options....however David encourages us in the psalms to “magnify the lord with me”.
In other words – take your magnifying glass and fix it on Him...everything else will become it’s rightful size and in it’s right perspective when we focus it on Him.

The truth is it’s not to make God bigger – cause God is way to big to be made any bigger – it’s more for us, so that we can walk through life with confidence knowing that God is for us anT as we0fix our eyes on him all other things become in their right place.
And as Ps Martin Steel so brilliantly spoke about giving Lordship of our lives to God...this is one way of doing about today you choose to let God big the biggest thing in your world and allow all the other things that seek your attention to shrink to their rightful size compared to God, and let his peace surround you!

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