Jul 6, 2009

Thoughts On Worship

Photo By Maessive (Flickr)

I’ve been thinking lately about the thought that worship is ALL about Jesus and that it’s not to do with us.

I’ve been thinking that in this day and age we’ve actually lost something of worship in this thought and understanding that we need to bring to light.

When we’re in relationship with someone, we bring part of who we are to the relationship, part of ourselves that we offer.

In worship when we come to God he says, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind & strength”….so why is it that we take ourselves out of the picture and say it’s all about Jesus, it’s not about our emotions and it’s not about how we are feeling, we just need to focus on God.

However as I’ve been thinking about this - our emotions, our free will, our passion and our freedom is what sets us apart from the rest of creation. It’s what God has given us as a gift. Therefore when we worship it is about us to a point. We need to bring ourselves into the picture….we need to bring our HEARTS, our MINDS, our THOUGHTS, our EMOTION, our PASSION …..all of who we are….the good the bad and the ugly and bring it before him in worship.

God wants us, not our songs, not our money, not our works HE JUST WANTS US –(don’t get me wrong those things come with it) – but it’s all about God getting us – who we are! So next time you worship God – don’t pay him lip service cause you think you should – bring you into the picture….he wants you.

No I don’t think that our worship should be based around how we’re feeling or based on the situation that we’re facing – however I do think we need to bring the genuine reality of who you are into this relationship and let HIM change us and transform us!

Just a thought….i’ve been thinking...



Anonymous said...

Worship (or worth-ship) is about giving God his worth. Worship is a lifestyle and how we live. We worship when we sing, we worship when we dance, we worship when we pray but further than that, we worship with all we are when we live for God 24/7. Who I am and the work I do is my offering to God. How I relate to my neighbours as a model of being Christ to them by responding to presenting needs is worship. To me, this means more than what happens in church on Sunday or in those moments where I focus on God when alone. Those things are a small part of my worship. It has to be in everything we do, including how we handle our flaws and mistakes! Worship is most significant when only God sees it and we receive no human affirmation for it. Just my thoughts too.

Clive Smit said...

Great thoughts... I totally agree!!!

Anonymous said...

My experience of worship and living worship seems so disconnected to a church body right now. Yet I've never felt more freedom in my walk with God than I do now outside of church. Go figure.