Feb 10, 2009

To Life Group or Not To Life Group...

Welcome back to Eastside's blogoshere. I trust that you had a phenomenal summer break and that you're ready and excited for all that 09 has in store for you.

In this first post I really wanted to encourage you to consider finding a life group that you can be apart of.
Christianity is meant to be lived out in the context of community. (The truth is... you just don't want to end up like the fellow in the video below!)

If you'd like to know more then click HERE to send an e-mail to Brett Bennett (brett@apo.org.nz) who oversees the life groups at Eastside.

If you had some great feedback about your life group experiences please leave a comment... as it will really encourage others to step out and experience the joy of a life group.

Until next time...

Godspeed & Kaizan

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